TETRIS® Royale TogetherMarathonforever

Play the world's most iconic puzzle game

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Get It on IOS Get It on IOS


  • Battle against 99 other players to be the last one standing.
  • Earn points for a high score by outlasting the competition.
  • Climb local and world leaderboards to prove you’re the best puzzler in Tetris® Mobile.
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  • Host your own private Royale game for friends and family in Tetris® Mobile.
  • Customize your game for your group’s skill level.
  • Real-time voice chat lets you talk to each other while you play.
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  • Indulge in the iconic Tetris gameplay you know and love.
  • Rotate Tetriminos, clear lines, and crush your high score.
  • Tetris® Mobile is available offline – enjoy Tetris anytime, anywhere.
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Get It on IOS Get It on IOS
Get It on IOS Get It on IOS

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